Vintage Measuring tape

Quite often you look for a piece of jewelry that will sit just so. Whether it’s something to go with a particular outfit, or something that will sit well with your usual work clothes. If you want something to sit in a particular place, measuring yourself is a very easy process. All you need is a piece of string and a measuring tape or meter stick that’s at least 24” long. Don’t use a ruler for this unless you are happy with a vaguely correct measurement.

  1. Loop the string around the back of your neck and hold one end in the position you want the top of the pendant to sit.
  2. Bring the long length of the string over to meet the end you have in position
  3. Hold the long length with you fingers at the point where they meet.
  4. Release the short end and take the string from around the neck
  5. Now measure the length from the end you put in position to the point on the long end.

There are a couple of considerations to keep in mind with this.

It only really works with something that will naturally fall into a “V” shape when a pendant is added (thin chains, loose spread beads, ribbons, cords and suede work best).

Also remember that you are picking the location for the top of the pendant, not the bottom. If the pendant is large make sure to take it’s height into consideration in case you end up wearing it inside your bra rather than above your cleavage.

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